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Pressure units converter

pascal [Pa]:
exapascal [EPa]:
petapascal [PPa]:
terapascal [TPa]:
gigapascal [GPa]:
megapascal [MPa]:
kilopascal [kPa]:
hectopascal [hPa]:
dekapascal [daPa]:
decipascal [dPa]:
centipascal [cPa]:
millipascal [mPa]:
micropascal [µPa]:
nanopascal [nPa]:
picopascal [pPa]:
femtopascal [fPa]:
attopascal [aPa]:
newton/square meter [N/m2]:
newton/square centimeter:
newton/square millimeter:
kilonewton/square meter:
millibar [mbar]:
microbar [µbar]:
dyne/square centimeter:
kilogram-force/square meter:
kilogram-force/sq. centimeter:
kilogram-force/sq. millimeter:
gram-force/square centimeter:
ton-force (short)/square foot:
ton-force (short)/square inch:
ton-force (long)/square foot:
ton-force (long)/square inch:
kip-force/square inch:
ksi [ksi]:
pound-force/square foot:
pound-force/square inch:
psi [psi]:
poundal/square foot [pdl/ft2]:
torr [Torr]:
centimeter mercury (0°C):
millimeter mercury (0°C):
inch mercury (32°F) [inHg]:
inch mercury (60°F) [inHg]:
centimeter water (4°C) [cmAq]:
millimeter water (4°C) [mmAq]:
inch water (4°C) [inAq]:
foot water (4°C) [ftAq]:
inch water (60°F) [inAq]:
foot water (60°F) [ftAq]:
atmosphere technical [at]:
Standard atmosphere [atm]:
pressure conversion factors provided by

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